Domain 3 Standard 1 : Learners' Attendance
Domain 3

Explore Domain 3 Standard 1 of Shaala Siddhi, focusing on learners' attendance.

This course delves into strategies for monitoring, analyzing, and improving attendance metrics in educational settings. Participants will learn to implement effective attendance tracking systems to enhance student engagement and academic outcomes.

Domain 3 Standard 3 : Learners' Progress
Domain 3

In this course, we'll focus on monitoring students' progress in the Shaala Siddhi Programme. We'll learn about different ways to see how well students are doing in all areas of their learning. This includes not just school subjects but also how they do socially, emotionally, and physically. We'll use easy-to-understand ideas, look at actual examples, and do some practical activities. By the end, you'll know how to check students' progress, find areas where they need help, and improve things.