Domain 2 Standard 4 : Enabling Learning Environment
Domain 2

The course on Domain 2 Standard 4 Enabling Learning Environment of the Shaala Siddhi manual focuses on cultivating an enabling learning environment. Participants will explore strategies for creating inclusive, supportive, and conducive learning environments that foster student engagement, growth, and success. Through practical exercises and discussions, educators will learn how to establish a positive classroom culture, effectively leverage resources, and promote student collaboration. This course equips educators with the tools to create environments where all learners thrive.

Domain 2 Standard 6 : Class Management
Domain 2

Domain 2 Standard 6: Class Management explores strategies for creating a positive learning environment. 

Topics include establishing clear expectations, managing student behaviour, fostering student engagement, and promoting a culture of respect and collaboration. Participants will gain practical skills to create an inclusive and productive classroom conducive to academic success.

Domain 2 | Standard 8: Utilisation of Teaching Learning Resources
Domain 2

This course helps participants move this particular standard of the Shaala Siddhi framework.

Keywords: Teachers, Learners, TLM, Shaala Siddhi Framework, Domain 2, Student, Classrooms